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South Carolina ranked last in the Education Category in U.S. News and World Report’s 2016 rankings. The SC Legislature must provide school districts with fair-share funding, with a goal of exceeding the ‘minimally adequate education’ standard called for in Abbeville vs. South Carolina. Our Children need access to opportunities and growth to secure a brighter future. We need to make College Tuition affordable, and offer paid apprenticeship program for our young people to learn and develop a career for a secured economic future.


Thousands of South Carolinians are in the ‘coverage gap’, with no realistic access to health insurance. South Carolina should implement Medicaid Expansion through the Affordable Care Act. Expanding the Medicaid program would provide uninsured Carolinians with access to affordable health insurance. Expanding Medicaid is an investment in South Carolina’s workforce and economy.

VC Summer

Due to the Base Load Review Act, South Carolinians have paid over $2 billion for the failed VC Summer Nuclear Power Plant. The Base Load Review Act should be repealed and rebates issued to SC ratepayers. We must and should look into alternative energy sources that have proven to be just as effective at a lesser cost than a multi-billion dollar nuclear plant.

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I endorse Mark Ali for Congress because I’ve worked with him and know first hand this man walks his talk. His personal courage, vision and great tenacity have served him well in life against great odds. Now he wants to use these strengths to serve the people of SC in District 5

Ealy Lim Developer@yahoo.com

Fighting Today For A Better Tomorrow

With your support, I will be the next Representative of South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District. I plan to improve the following key areas with your support!

  • Education
  • VC Summer
  • Violence Against Women
  • Environment
  • Gun Safety
  • Medical Marijuana
  • Ethics Law
  • Voters Rights
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About Me

My name is Mark Ali. I’m a father, husband, and an immigrant from Suriname (Guyanese born). With your support, I will be the next Representative of South Carolina’s 5th Congressional District.

I am proud to have worked my way into living the American Dream. My ultimate goal is to ensure that each American citizen has the opportunity to do so as well. I am running for Congress so that all South Carolinians will have the same opportunity. Our children are inheriting a world more dangerous, more difficult, and more inequitable than ever before. Working class families like mine are on the decline, often living paycheck to paycheck. We are one emergency – car breakdown, roof repair, hospital visit – from falling permanently behind. This is not the America that I came to love and adore.

I came to America when I was 18 years old with a new vision for my future, and a mustard size seed of hope. I had no plans, no special talents or money upon arrival. The only certainty was that I had to depart Suriname in order to provide a better and brighter future for myself and my family. As an undocumented immigrant, I never took any opportunities for granted – I hustled! I worked odd jobs in New York City. I worked long hours for low pay and no benefits. I worked as a stable boy, washed dishes, became a cook, and then moved up to head cook. I learned rather quickly that moving up doesn’t directly always correlate with how hard you are willing to work. I went back to school to obtain my G.E.D., found a job with the City, and worked full-time through college while earning a degree in paralegal studies. To be honest, the hard work gauge keeps moving upwards, while compensation moves downwards. I carried this lesson with me throughout the years, and have noticed how much of a lingering problem it has become.